3 short movie reviews

I had some free time today in between classes and decided to make some short reviews for fun.

If you like any of these movies let me know! Or tell me your opinion on them.


Growing up is hard

I heard it took a span of 12 years to make this movie, it paid off. This is one of my favorite coming of age films. I think filming the same actors and actresses over 12 years made it feel more real like a real family and real struggles and pain we go through together. The movie starts with Mason as a young boy and ends with him starting his first year in college. We see through mason’s eyes tragic things that happen throughout his youth but also get parts that show him having fun and being happy too like when he went camping with his father or his graduation party.

This movie goes over many tough subjects of what it means to grow up. It feels real, like I’m watching a documentary of this boy growing up and figuring out who he is. Living with his single mom who goes through many shitty boyfriends and his big sister this film explores how it feels to be a child with divorced parents, moving from home to home and transfering from schools is a lot and were with these characters through it all. This movie is basically 3 hours long and sometimes feels like it but I was drawn the screen I had to find out how it ends. A well throughout film with real world vibes and feelings.


A one eyed boy, a swording fighting monkey and a walking beetle

Even for animation this movie sounded odd to me. Another stop motion film from Lakia the studio behind coraline. I liked coraline and paranorman but I still had my doubts for kubo, never shall I doubt Lakia again. This should’ve won best animation film of 2017. This movie is so good I had no idea of how awesome this movie was going to be. I love Kubo and found his origami magic super cool, the magic and lore of his world was wonderful I loved the moon king and the backstory of the kingdom.

The animation is beautiful. There look of the monkey and the moon king were my favorite character designs. When there would be a fight scene i forgot this is a stop motion film, the action was so nice. This movie really is heartfelt and brings us along for the ride. A story about family at its core. This easily became my favorite stop motion movie. As soon as it ended I turned it back on. Over the course of this film I finished feeling like it showed what it means to be a true hero and the real love of family.


Stay away from red balloons

Stranger things mixed with the Goonies, sparkled with Stephen Kings terrifying essence. A remake to the 1990 “It’’ film and based of on the book IT by Stephen King. I watched the 1990’s version and it made me laugh but not with the movie but at it,even though I didn’t like that movie I was really excited to see this movie because the cast looked great and it looked terrifying, it was better than I could’ve expected.

The child actors had me laughing the whole time, they reminded me of how it feels to be a kid on summer break minus the crazy clown part.The bond between the losers club was my favorite part and Pennywise. I loved Pennywise, the humor they brought to him was perfect, taunting his prey before attacking, mocking the children and transforming into their worst fears. Even with the fun and humor this was still a horror movie through and through. A demon clown made me laugh while also making me scared and paranoid. This movie gave me the biggest scare i’ve ever had. The movie also delves into dark areas that we can relate to as audience.

A great movie. Gives off major chills and scares but has a nice balance of friendship and love as well.


El Laberinto Del Fauno (pans labyrinth) Review: A dark, grim fairy tale classic from genius mind of Guillermo Del Toro

April 22, 2019 at 2:25 pm written by Miguel F Myers

“You’re getting older, and you’ll see that life isn’t like your fairy tales. The world is a cruel place. And you’ll learn that, even if it hurts.” Set in 1944 Spain the story follows 11 year old Ofelia as she and her pregnant yet sick mother are sent to the forest in the mountains to be with her new stepfather Capitan Vidal as he and his garrison flush out republican troopers, Ofelia lives in a harsh environment witnessing sadistic brutality and cruelty from her stepfather, guided by a fairy she comes upon mystical labyrinth, Pan’s labyrinth a world of fauns, fairies and other creatures. There she is met by a faun who informs her that she is an actually a mythical princess of legend and not human. To test if Ofelia is the princess of the underworld the faun gives her three tasks to complete before the moon is full, plunging Ofelia on a journey of wonder and pain.

With the movie only in Spanish, Del Toro captures the feeling of 1944 Spain. In the film, he tackles different themes of tragedy, love and adventure Del Toro manages to create a dark, grim fairy tale classic. The film opens with the ending of the film, a shot of Ofelia lying on the ground, blood coming from her nose and tears welled up in her eyes,she is dying. Narration begins of story about a princess who lives in the underground realm “where there are no lies or pain” the princess dreamt of seeing the human world it’s soft breezes, sunshine and blue skies the princess decides to sneak away from her keepers one day and escape to the human world, once there the sun blinds the young princess and erases her memory of the underground realm. New to the human worlds climate and differentness the princess suffers cold, sickness and pain and dies. Her father the king prophesied that the princess’ soul would one day return, “perhaps in a new body, in another place, at another time”. He promised he’d wait for his daughter to one day return no matter how long it takes. A chilling and captivating opening that describes the film without letting the viewer know what’s in store. Before watching this movie I expected a fantasy exploration film like Peter Pan but what I got was so much more.

Spanish actress Ivana Baquero Macías plays the main character Ofelia, Captain Vidal played by Sergi López and her pregnant yet sick mother Carmen played by Ariadna Gil. Our first shot of Ofelia is seeing her in the car with her mother on the way to their new home with a fairytale book in her hand. Soon Carmen tells the driver to pull over she’s about to throw up. When everyone gets out the car Ofelia wanders off and sees an insect when it’s time to get back in the car Ophelia tells her mom that she saw a fairy, probably some of her memory from the underworld is still with her, her mother tells her to let’s go not believing in what Ofelia claims she saw. We get a feel for the character giving a charming sweet girl charism. When she first arrives on the property and meets her stepfather the first time she gets out and attempts to shake his hand he aggressively grabbed her hand hard and told her it’s supposed to be the other hand. At this encounter, we understand the character Vidal and know he’s not a good man. This film is rich in characters with a strong villain in captain Vidal, to introducing magic lore with fauns, the pale man, magic toads and more. Also with strong side performances from Álex Angulo who played the doctor and Maribel Verdú who played Mercedes.

The visuals are crisp, bleak and at times very beautiful. The effects on the faun where amazing, coming across as wise yet creep creature whom one minute seemed good the next seemed evil, the faun’s walk was a wobbly walk that could’ve been taken as laughs for a drunk walk, instead the walk comes across as creepy and haunting. The use of stilts to do the fauns walk was genius. Taken as though the film was made in 2006 the giant toad CG looked a little cartoonish to me, unlike the pale man who could haunt anyone’s nightmares. The film sits at 1 hour and 59 minutes and uses every second to tell the audience something. My eyes were glued to the screen, reading the subtitles as fast I could, not even realize it’s in a foreign language.

The world Del Toro creates is fascinating, dark and beautiful. Every time the Faun came around or Ofelia was doing a task I never wanted it to end. The history of the Underworld could be turned into a history book and I’d read it. When Ofelia is tasked with going to retrieve a key from the pale man’s tunnel she is told not to eat the fruit no matter what but still does. During this scene I’m scared for Ofelia, I feel like I’m in the tunnel with her. The human world is also just as captivating and interesting as the magical parts. Most of this because of the wonderful performances of Ofelia and Captain Vidal. There’s a scene where Vidal has a rebel captive who has a stuttering problem chained up he tells the rebel if he can count to three without stuttering he’d be free to go. The rebel attempts to but can’t and gets tortured by Vidal after, the best part of the scene is half of me felt as if he was telling the truth. What I love about the captain is he’s a man of honor and prestige but is also cold and cruel and I never know what to expect from him. He’s the complete opposite of Ofelia’s character. There’s a sort of Shakespearean feeling when Vidal’s the one who ends up killing Ofelia.

When Carmen told Ofelia “You’re getting older, and you’ll see that life isn’t like your fairy tales. The world is a cruel place. And you’ll learn that, even if it hurts. It is not what we want to hear, we want Ofelia to have her perfect fairytale world but at the end, she dies shot by her own stepfather, the world is a cruel place and Ofelia learned that while also holding her faith until the very end. This film is solid, epic in storytelling and extraordinary in character work. Amazing performance from Macías as a child actress she really gives it her all, her co-stars also breathe life into their characters making them relatable or just interesting to watch. Del Toro delivers a fairytale story as I’ve never seen before, a glimpse into the mind of a genius. El Laberinto Del Fauno is a fantastic story about love, magic, and pain, a masterpiece in its own genre.

North by Northwest Analysis

North by Northwest Analysis

By Miguel Myers

North by Northwest is an American film made by the talented director Alfred Hitchcock, the cast featured Cary Grant as the main character Roger Thornhill, Eve Marie as Eve Kendall, James Mason as Philip Vandan, Jessica Landis as Clara Thornhill and many more talented actors and actresses. The film is hailed as a classic and boasts a rare 99% on rotten tomatoes. The film follows New York City marketing executive Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) being hunted by a dangerous spy Philip Vandamn (James Mason) because he is mistaken for government agent. Roger Thornhill takes a journey across the country trying to survive, while on the run he meets the beautiful Eve Kendall (Eve Marie) who helps hide him from the police but is actually working for Vandamn. As thornhill attempts to survive he is met with multiple challenges that he must face. North by Northwest shows a great use symbolism, metaphors and signs throughout the film, Hitchcock also acknowledges the culture and time period which it is set, and the film has strong plot structure, character motivations, and theme all of which are essential for creating a good story.

    North by Northwest shows symbolism in many different ways. The film takes place in 1959 just two years after the sputnik crisis a key Cold War event. Between 1947-1991 there was tension and war between the United States and Russia, during the climatic scene in the third act the setting is Mount Rushmore the famous Mountain with four of the United States most famous and legendary presidents. Mt.Rushmore is a symbol in the film because the movie central action and conflict concerns the political tensions of the cold war and right under the mountain is the home of the enemy spies this is stating that the enemy is under our noses the entire time and in real life. A symbol in the film is the Asian statuette that Vandamm buys at the auction because it represents the villain in many ways. Vandamm pretends to be a sophisticated gentleman but in reality he’s a cunning villain, the statue appears to be a nice classy piece of art but inside its hiding a microfilm that can be used to destroy lives. Vandamm looks like a normal art dealer but he’s actually a villian, the statue looks like a normal piece of art but is actually protecting  classified stole information both are putting on a fake image to everyone. These symbols and signs that the Hitchcock uses are subtle and hidden you might not pick up on them on your first viewing. Hitchcock accepts the time and place of which it exists in and uses it to make the film better and more realistic.

North by northwest takes place in America in 1959, like I stated in my last paragraph the film is taken place around a very tense beef between the United States and Russia. Also the first manmade object to reach the moon was the Soviet Union’s Luna 2 on September 13th 1959 making the U.S.A more hectic to actually land on the moon. With all that going on in the world the film still uses hidden meanings like the spies living under Mount rushmore. The main character travels from New York to Chicago then the Great plains to Mount rushmore all important places in the country. North by Northwest shows how things were in that time showing all the women in dresses, the popularity of cigarettes, the grand scale of New York City, the film is very cliche and does normal things that films used to do like the damsel in distress trope in the third act, the main character who has to overcome his own selfish ways to become the best version of themself and the villian who is a great opponent but is still very one sided and obvious. This is 1959 after all and the film accepts that. Even though it falls into some of the normal film tropes it still makes a compelling story and great characters.

The film has a well structured plot with interesting characters backing it up. The director always leaves us wondering what will happen next. Hitchcock makes us feel like we’re in the same situation as Roger by setting up a great character for us to follow. The main character Roger Thornhill is living a normal life at the beginning of the film, he works as a businessman in New York City and gets swept up in a world of spies and criminals as he is mistaken for a government agent known as George Kaplan. Thornhill is a resourceful,smart and suave man finding himself on the run trying to stay alive and evading the police,criminals and the government. Throughout the film his main goal is to prove that he isn’t George Kaplan and to return to his normal calm life. At the start of his journey Thornhill was focused on getting out of harm’s way but at the end he continues to endanger his own life to save the woman he loves Eve Kendall. As for Eve she starts out as a double agent working for Vandamn and plotting on Thornhill but by the end she proves that she actually cares for Thornhill, Eve changes throughout the film going from heartless to a genuine caring person. The characters help the plot and make for a compelling and interesting story.

North by Northwest is a iconic,classic, and great film because it shows symbolism,metaphors and signs by using Mount Rushmore and other objects to show hidden meanings throughout the film. Also Hitchcock acknowledges the culture and time period in which the film is set in and uses it to make the viewer feel as if their along for the ride and it helps us care for the characters. Throughout the film Hitchcock takes us across the country on a adventure and uses historical landmarks to advance the story, giving it a incredible epic scale. The characters grow as people from the start of their story to the end, creating a captivating , groundbreaking a story from beginning to end. The film still holds strong against time and places Hithcock in the topic of best filmmakers ever.

And here we go

Hey here’s a little about me. I’m a average guy who loves movies and have goals of becoming a director and having a name in the film industry. I’ll be sharing my reviews on movies and also some of my theories, I want to share my opinion on previous films and upcoming films with film lovers and hopefully get feed back from my fellow film fans!

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